Video Shoot of our new upcoming single.

Yesterday we’ve been filming the video of our upcoming single to be released in September.

We managed to take some pictures as well so you can have a little sneak peak right here: CLICK

We would like to thank Brent for being our cameraman, Jochen to be our first class actor and the angry mob for being there and be a part of the fun!

Thanks everybody!!!






New song on the way!

While we’re still enjoying our album Charger, we keep on focusing on creating more music and let the world know what GumboGumbo! is all about.

We were very happy when Studio Fandango invited us back in the studio to record a new track. Last week we recorded everything and right now we’re in the process of mixing. We must say: Dirk is one bad mofo behind that mixing table, the song sounds bigger than life!

So stay tuned while we figure out what the title of the song will be. 🙂

Website updated!

We’ve updated our website!

So what’s new?

Our album Charger is out!
You can buy it on iTunes, during our concerts or by dropping us a little mail.
You can also listen to it in the Audio section.
Pictures of our concert during the Fandango Live Event are also added in Gallery.
And our next concert @ Bar Popular is also announced when you have a look at Gigs.
We hope to see you there by the way! 🙂


And especially for the digital generation… our album ‘Charger’ is available on iTunes!!

Click HERE to get it.


Album out now!

Yesterday, we received the first box with our album in it.

Needless to say we’re super excited!! 😀

So here it is: Charger!

Want some? Drop us a line!

(Will be available soon on iTunes as well)