GumboGumbo are…

STEVE **Vocalist and Guitarist: A Sonic Explorer with a Unique Voice**

As a musical explorer, Steve draws from an eclectic mix of genres including jazz, progressive rock, classic rock, and metal, creating a unique and recognizable style. His voice is infused with emotion and expression, while his guitar work weaves refined melodies and powerful riffs.

Steve has shared his enchanting sound on numerous stages in Belgium and beyond. Previously, he has taken audiences on musical adventures with bands like Muffler Men, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Additionally, he has been part of the Queens of the Stone Age tribute band Songs For The Deaf, where his interpretation of QOTSA’s iconic sound garnered admiration.

Continuously seeking innovation and expression, Steve is not just a vocalist and guitarist but also a musical storyteller, guiding listeners through various musical realms. His presence in GumboGumbo adds a unique and immersive element to the band’s musical journey.

JACK ** Guitarist, Backing Singer and Songsmith: A Blues Maven with a Sonic Palette**

A Blues enthusiast at heart, Jack’s musical journey extends far beyond the confines of traditional blues. His guitar prowess has left its mark in the realms of Funk, Hip Hop, and Pop bands, showcasing a versatility that transcends genres.

Virtually a one-man catalyst, Jack has been instrumental in birthing numerous music formations in the 3080 area. From the blues-infused Cool Jake & The Hot Eskimos to the eclectic sounds of Seven Of Millions, the funkadelic vibes of Buttcream, and the soulful tones of Doptone(Ω), Jack’s musical footprint is vast and diverse. Currently, he continues to contribute his skills to the band Bellemont, guided by the musical spirit of Pieter Vreede and GumboGumbo of course.

An architect of sound, Jack is the primary composer for GumboGumbo, sculpting the musical landscapes that define the band’s unique identity. His musical journey is a testament to his unwavering passion, his ability to traverse musical boundaries, and his role as a driving force behind the dynamic and ever-evolving sound of GumboGumbo.

JAN **Bassist: A Sonic Navigator with Influences Across the Spectrum** 

Jan, another seasoned musician, boasts an impressive portfolio of bands and projects, including Headphone, Skeezmz, and Mishtu Orchestra. His musical journey is a testament to his versatility and commitment to exploring diverse sonic landscapes.

As a bassist, Jan’s style is a harmonious blend shaped by the influences of legendary players such as Justin Meldal-Johnsen, John Paul Jones, Flea, Carol Kaye, Pino Palladino, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, and a multitude of others. His bass lines resonate with a rich tapestry of styles, reflecting a deep appreciation for the masters who have paved the way in the world of bass.

Jan’s musical prowess extends far beyond a single genre, making him a sonic navigator capable of navigating through various musical realms. His presence in GumboGumbo adds a profound and dynamic foundation to the band’s eclectic sound.

SERGE **Drummer: Funky Drummer with a Heart for Diversity**

Serge, a lover of funky drum rhythms, has explored various stages in the Brussels area with bands like CAN AXIS, Los Moquitos, Spacecrew, Exit 33, and Seven of Millions, alongside Jack. His influences can be found in soul, funk, rock, and hip-hop, embodying a dynamic and versatile approach to drumming.

With a penchant for funky beats and an unmistakable sense of rhythm, Serge adds a unique dimension to the groovy sounds of GumboGumbo. His drumming serves as the pulsating heartbeat of the band, bringing the music to life with infectious energy.

Additionally, Serge reveals himself as perhaps the biggest Arctic Monkeys fan out there, adding an extra dose of eclectic influences to the already rich mix of genres within GumboGumbo. His passion for music and his infectious enthusiasm make Serge an essential and standout member of the band.


Steve, Jack, Jan, and Serge form the dynamic and eclectic lineup of GumboGumbo Their combined experience, passions, and influences meld into a unique sound that takes the audience on a musical journey of discovery. GumboGumbo is more than a band; it’s a fusion of individual stories translated into an enchanting musical adventure.