*** GumboGumbo! is looking for an additional singer ***

No worries, Ben is going nowhere.
But we do love vocal harmonies and would like to extend that.

What are we looking for:

  • Male voice (Sorry ladies)
  • You sound different than Ben
  • You can rehearse in Ternat
  • You speak Dutch, French or English
  • Experience with lead and backing vocals
  • You have a great personality and will leave your ego at home
  • Being able to write good lyrics is a plus

Sounds good? Or you know someone who could be interested?

Send us a mail on info[at]gumbogumbo.be and we”ll get back at you as soon as we can.

Band life after Covid

You have probably noticed that we have no gigs in the near future. Nothing to worry about, we are not actively looking at the moment.
This is a deliberate choice. After the pandemic, the market is saturated and top bands play for next to nothing. We also notice that venues currently prefer to book a coverband instead of a professional band with original music. Welcome to 2021…
We have chosen to keep ourselves busy writing new music and rehearsing it in our regular spot at the Noise Gate. This is a slow process because we are not easily satisfied and of the 10 songs we write, only two or three remain.

Still, the intention is to record new work as soon as possible and then get back on stage.

We will certainly keep you informed.

Stay tuned, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings!

PS: We finally have a HTTPS connection for our website so you can safely visit us.

Blues Excuse

Exactly 4 years ago, we released our single Blues Excuse. We aren’t totally objective, but think it still rocks! What do you think?

We’re back online

Oh Lord have mercy!

Our website was becoming unstable after a WordPress update.

We needed some time to fix it but we’re back!

We’re good

Dear Gumbeez

Crazy times…
Covid19 is giving the world a hard time and we don’t have to explain any more it isn’t possible to do any gigs at the moment.
We’re using our time to write some new songs at home.
As soon as it’s possible and safe, we start rehearsing again and we hope to see you soon while we all enjoy live music.
Until that day, stay safe Gumbeez!