They’re back!

As you might have noticed, the boys needed a little break.

Jack went broke in Vegas, Ben joined the boy scouts, Serge got a haircut,
Jan started ballet classes…. And Six… He decided to move on to other opportunities.
Keep an eye on him, he’ll be rocking the shit out somewhere near you!

All this doesn’t mean they’re done. Au contraire dear friends and fans, the boys are going to record some new music next week. It’s going to be something like GumboGumbo! 2.0 I think.
In a place called The Dungeon. Will they get out alive? Will it be possible for Ben to outsing Jack’s fuzz boxes? Will the rhythm section be able to find the correct address?

Will they remember the chord structures?

Find out soon on this website or our Facebook page .

All the best,
The Voice of GumboGumbo!