Website updated!

We’ve updated our website!

So what’s new?

Our album Charger is out!
You can buy it on iTunes, during our concerts or by dropping us a little mail.
You can also listen to it in the Audio section.
Pictures of our concert during the Fandango Live Event are also added in Gallery.
And our next concert @ Bar Popular is also announced when you have a look at Gigs.
We hope to see you there by the way! 🙂


And especially for the digital generation… our album ‘Charger’ is available on iTunes!!

Click HERE to get it.


Radio Scorpio

So you missed us on Radio Scorpio? No problemo, here it is:

(Starts at 50:27 for the impatient.)

Album out now!

Yesterday, we received the first box with our album in it.

Needless to say we’re super excited!! 😀

So here it is: Charger!

Want some? Drop us a line!

(Will be available soon on iTunes as well)


GumboGumbo! live @ Bluesapalooza (Radio Scorpio)

We’ll be playing an acoustic song on Radio Scorpio’s Bluesapalooza (Between 23h and 24h) to promote our release gig, March 3rd @ Het Depot.

Check us out on 106FM or connect to the live stream on and click on “LUISTER LIVE”.

Spread the word!

Spread the news!


Fandango Label Night Promo

Check it out!


Yes! Our first album is being mastered as we speak and we’re awaiting the results.
Release date is approaching so we’re very anxious.
Hope you are too.

Fandango Label Night

Ow yes!
On march 3rd, the kind people of Fandango Music are taking over Het Depot in Leuven (Belgium) to present their artists and releases.
Now guess who’ll be playing there. That’s right, it’s us!
It will be a great night at a great venue with our fellow Fandango labelmates.
Fandango Live, the studio’s liveband with great musicians will kick off the night, followed by Pete, a great singer songwriter with a unique voice who’s presenting his album “I Am Wilson”, backed up by great musicians as well.
At the end of the night the label’s rookies (that’s us) will rock that stage to our best abilities.
So come on over, it’s a Monday night, starts at 20h00, what better things could you possibly do on a Monday night? Extend your weekend for another night!
presale at



Mixing in progress.

We’re finalizing the mixing process right now, after that the tracks will be mastered while artwork is getting it’s final touch by Jan the Man, bassplayer/graphic designer. Dirk at Studio Fandango is working his magic fingers as we speak. We’re all pretty stoked! What about you?