Review ‘Come As It May’ by Da Music

We recieved a nice review of our single ‘Come As It May’ by Da Music.

Follow the link to read it: Da Music or read it right HERE on our site.

New Single: COME AS IT MAY

So here it is, our new single Come As It May

Recorded at The Dungeon by Filip Goris
Written by GumboGumbo! with some inspirational help from Pieter Vreede
Filmed, directed and edited by Bjarne Desmet and Martijn Sermeus.
Video effects: Jan Goossens

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New single ‘Come As It May’ is almost there!

New gallery!

We received some very cool pictures from Maxine Stevens of our concert at The Cross Over Music Pub in Ghent. You can see find them in our Gallery

First post of 2019

We’re totally ready for 2019 and hope to share the best of it with all of you.

This weekend we kick it off with a concert at The Cross Over Music Pub in Gent. We hope to add a lot more concerts soon on our website.

We’ve recorded our new single “Come As It May” in December 2018 in The Dungeon. We’re very pleased with the result but can’t put it online yet. First we have to make the coolest videoclip possible and that’s work in progress. Keep an eye on our website or Social Media channels for updates.

Is there more cool stuff? Yes there is!

For a little while already, our friend Polle is making YouTube videos about his passion Waveski.

But where’s the link with GumboGumbo!?

Well… Polle is using our music in all of his videos. How cool is that?

That’s pretty fucking cool.

Have a look at his latest creation:

Feel free to follow his Facebook page as well:

That’s it for now, we hope to see you soon Gumbeez!

Nachtraaf Roots & Blues Rally 2018

People of De Langen Avond in Gistel… Thank you so much for the great evening and the love you showed us. It made our last concert of the year the best one of 2018! 🤘


We’re super grateful to get support from ZZ Rock Radio. Thanks guys!


Hello Gumbeez

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Studio Time

Yep, next month we’re going back to the studio to record some new music.


Stay tuned!

World Premiere Super Dude

Friday the 21th of September at 11h (GMT +2), our song Super Dude will go in world premiere on ZZ Rock-My Rock Radio.
So tune in on and enjoy the music!