Studio Time

Yep, next month we’re going back to the studio to record some new music.


Stay tuned!

That kinda week…

It’s that kinda week folks…
Radio show VRD is cancelled because the show doesn’t exist anymore…
Concert at Muziekcafé Titanic will be rescheduled.

Stay tuned, a little setback won’t stop from rockin’!

Nachtraaf Roots & Blues Rally 2018

We have been selected to be part of “Nachtraaf Roots & Blues Rally 2018” !

From the site:

Meer dan 100 soloartiesten/bands of meer dan 360 muzikanten samen, waagden hun kans om deel te nemen aan de voorrondes van de 4de Rally ‘18 in Roots of the Blues Café “Den Langen Avond” te Gistel . Deze Rally is intussen een vaste waarde geworden in het circuit en zal ook dit jaar terug plaats vinden telkens op een vrijdagavond. De voorrondes (8) gaan door tussen 7 september en 14 december, telkens om de 14 dagen.

De optredens starten steevast om 21u. Deuren open om 20u.

More info? Follow the link right here

The Last Rebel Agency

Hello Gumbeez! Wassup?

It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us.
Let’s make all this even cooler with some very cool news:
Since this week we’re part of “The Last Rebel Agency”.

That means what?
That means the good folks of The Last Rebel Agency are helping us out finding concerts and opportunities.

How cool is that?
That’s epicly fucking cool.
It means we’ll have a lot more time to focus on music and improve ourselves.
For bands like us, every support we get is priceless and we appreciate it from the bottom of our heart.

So let’s do something back.
If you agree The Last Rebel Agency is awesome helping us out, visit their page and like it.

We would be very grateful for that.
Here’s the link:

Have a fantastic weekend Gumbeez!

New Gallery!

Hi y’all!

We’ve added a new gallery with pictures from our concert @ Café ‘t Spektakel in Asten (NL).

Big fun, super nice people and a great pub!

Photo’s are made by John Cleutjens & Veleem. Thanks a lot guys!

You can see the Gallery right HERE

CFM Radio interview

Big fun yesterday at CFM Radio / Week-end mag/ Décibelge in La Louvière. One hour of interview and our music live on the radio. Thank you Isabelle and Nico for the good times and the opportunity to broadcast our music! 🤘

(FR only)