Beer Talks Episode 24

Hello Gumbeez! We have some concert & Instagram updates for you. For details about the upcoming concerts go here: For our Instagram account go here:…

GumboGumbo! Spycam Rehearsal #4

Sombody’s watching you…


Music For Live – Afternoon Delight

Yes, we’re going to play for Music For Life.

More informtion right here:

Music For Life

GumboGumbo! Spycam Rehearsal #3

Working on a new track called “Rival”
We should do something about the audio but we love to play loud.
Somebody an idea how to fix that with a smartphone?

GumboGumbo! Spycam Rehearsal #2

Yo! MTV Raps with GumboGumbo

“Nothing To Lose” on the radio

Well, that’s a cool way to start the weekend: RUN (Radio Universitaire Namuroise) has put our EP “Nothing To Lose” in their Juxebox.

When in Namen, you can listen to RUN on 88.1 FM our listen to the streaming on Website:

GumboGumbo! Spycam Rehearsal #1

Well, it seems there’s a spycam installed in our rehearsal room. Here’s a little piece of Super Dude.

Beer Talks Episode 23

Hello Gumbeez! As you might remember we organized a little contest last summer to win our EP. Well, today we’re going to surprise the winner and give him his prize.


Yep, you can find us on Instagram now. Feel free to follow our adventures!

Click here: GumboGumbo Instagram

Beer Talks Episode 22

Hello Gumbeez, we received some cool news from Caroline Music in Brussels and have something to say about the new album of Triggerfinger.