CFM Radio interview

Big fun yesterday at CFM Radio / Week-end mag/ Décibelge in La Louvière. One hour of interview and our music live on the radio. Thank you Isabelle and Nico for the good times and the opportunity to broadcast our music! 🤘

(FR only)

Hee Tervuren here we come

We’re always happy to announce a concert, but this one’s special.
Because it’s in our hometown. That’s why!
So save the date!

GumboGumbo! at Hee Tervuren Reuzegezellig

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Well, our hard work seems to pay off and we could add some more gigs.

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Blues Excuse Live Video

We received some live footage from our gig in Blue Note Halse Pub in Halle.
We thought that was cool so we decided to share it with you. Thank you Jose Romero and the rest of the crew for the video!
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Le Centre FM

How cool is that?! We’ve been invited in the DéciBelge show of CFM Radio between 19h and 20h.

More details right HERE

More more more

We’re happy to announce we’re invited to play at Roadhouse 69 in Lier!

More info right HERE

Radio time!

We have been invited to do a showcase on Radio VRD.

Looking forward to that!

More info right HERE

And another one!

We’re happy to announce there’s a new concert added.

More info HERE

New concert!

What a cool way to start the week: We have won the call to action to play at U-Nite 2018. Needless to say we’re looking forward to that!! U-Nite